Please read all of the information below before continuing

DO NOT CREATE YOURSELF A SECOND ACCOUNT IF YOU ALREADY HAVE ONE FOR embrella E-LEARNING– Please go back to the Login page and click on “I forgot my Password”. If you are still having trouble logging in, please go to Help and click on the option that says "Help Articles." If you have tried everything the articles suggest and are still having trouble logging on, go to Help and click on the option that says "Contact Us."

If you are coming from our old system, your username will be your resource family license number and your first name in all uppercase and no spaces in between. Click on the I forgot my password link underneath the login area to reset your password. 

In order to register for on E-Learning, you will need:

Your resource family home license number.
 Your license number is located on the upper left corner of your Resource Family License. License Number Sample
 When entering your resource family home license Number, DO NOT INCLUDE ANY DASHES - OR SPACES.
 Without a valid resource family home license Number, you will NOT be able to register.
▪ If you do not know your license number, contact the Office of Licensing at 1-877-667-9845 to obtain your license number.

A username
 Your username will be your license number and your first name. Your username will auto-generate, so do NOT fill it out.
 Example: U0000LISA

A password
 Your password should at least be 8 characters long
 It is recommended to create a long password (12 characters or more)
 DO NOT use a password from another website
 For more tips on creating a strong password, please go to:
 You are now responsible for your password
▪ if you ever forget your password, click on the I forgot my password button on the login screen to reset your password

Note: Currently, embrella E-Learning is for licensed New Jersey Resource (including Kinship and Adoptive) Parents only! If you are not a licensed NJ resource parent or your home is closed, you will NOT be able to take training with us.

Once you register successfully, you may begin immediately through my courses!

*NOTE: If courses don't immediately appear in your account, logout and log back in. The courses should now appear in your account. Also, please note that if it says the resource license number is invalid, you may already have an account.*

User Registration

User Agreement: I am aware that the E-Learning username and password is reserved for NJ licensed resource parents only.