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Micro Courses

Micro Courses

embrella's micro-courses have been designed so each module can be completed in one sitting. Here is what you need to know about micro-courses.

  • They are shorter for your convenience
  • Complete one, receive credit hours for that micro-course module immediately after you complete its evaluation form.
  • Each micro-course is worth 0.5 credit hours each.
  • Micro-course modules can be completed in any order
  • Not mandatory to complete all in the course syllabus, but recommended (if you have a corrective action plan and your Worker tells you that you need to complete Positive Discipline, you will need to complete all micro-courses/modules in the Positive Discipline syllabus).
  • The introduction modules are NOT worth any credit hours but must be completed in order to view the other modules. Please note introduction modules will appear on your transcript with no credit hours appearing next to them.
  • You are required to complete an evaluation form after finishing a micro-course. This is to allow those who do not want to take the entire series of micro-courses to just take the one micro-course, complete the evaluation form and receive credit hours instead of making them complete the whole series to receive credit.

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