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E-Learning Courses Help/FAQ

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E-Learning Courses Help/FAQ

"I forgot my username and password!"

Your username is your license number plus your first name (ex: X0000LISA). Your license number will always begin with a letter followed by numbers. To reset your password, click on the "I forgot my password" button below the Login area. After entering your username in the prompted area and submitting it, an email will be sent to you and you will be able to reset your password that way. Please note that the reset link will only last for an hour and you will need to reset your password again if the link expires. If that does not work, please go to the Training Help Section and click on "Contact us". We are available on Weekdays (Monday Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) from 8AM-4PM. 


"I don't see any courses in "my courses", what should I do?"

If you don't see any courses in your my courses section, log out of your account, and then log back in. The courses should now show up in your account.


"When registering for an online account, it's saying my license number is invalid! What should I do?"

Scroll up and click on the Home or the embrella logo to return to the home page, then click on register for a new account again. That should refresh the page, and should let you create an account. If that does not work, exit out of the browser and open up a new one. Re-navigate to the online training page and fill out the form again. Make sure that your license number has no spaces or dashes in between the letter and numbers. Also, please do NOT fill out the username area, as the system will generate one automatically for you. You may need to clear your cookies if you are still having trouble registering.


"I just completed a course, so why isn't it showing up on my transcript?"

In order to receive credit for a course, you need to complete the course's evaluation form. Only when you have completed the course's evaluation form will the course appear on your transcript. The evaluation form for each course is located underneath the training after opening the course initially.


"What device should I be using to take these courses?"

We strongly recommend you to take courses on a laptop or desktop computer. We do NOT recommend taking the training on your cell phones. Courses may not display properly on mobile devices.


"What browser should I use?"

For the best online training experience and to ensure the courses work on your desktop or laptop, please use Google Chrome as your web browser and download the latest version of Adobe Flash. Also under your Google Chrome Settings, please make sure that your cookies are enabled, all images are being shown, javascript is allowed on all websites, all websites are allowed to run Flash, and popups are enabled for all websites. You can find out how to do so by clicking here.


"Where are my old courses that I have completed in the past?"

If you have completed courses with us in our old system in the past, and they are not showing up your current transcript, please let us know in the contact form and state which courses you have done.


"How many training hours do I need?"

You need to either complete 7 hours of training per year, or 21 hours for your three-year licensing cycle.


"Why aren't my webinars or Home Correspondence Courses showing up on my transcript?"

Your e-learning/online training transcript will only show the training that you have completed on this website. It will NOT show webinars, Home Correspondence Courses (HCCs/mail courses, or any outside training. To request training you have completed through the mail and webinars, please click here.


"There's a Home Correspondence course that I want to take online but it isn't available. What should I do?"

Please note that not all home correspondence courses are available online and vice versa. If you see an HCC training but want to take it online and it's not showing under my courses or the course catalog, that means that it is currently not available online.


*Please note that we do NOT troubleshoot outside programs such as Adobe Flash or Google Chrome, we also do NOT troubleshoot your computer problems.*

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